Project Description

Download the project files, including assets and sound design.

Feel free to use this project as you want!


Every now and then, it’s a good idea to balance out the intense, dark, hardcore high tech stuff with a nice, simple, clean flip logo.

So how do we go about creating such a project ? Well, ofcourse, using our Utility-Box 😉 . With the Hud Toolkit i provide a really fast way to break up your layers in however many rows and columns you want.

Now, any script or method that splits up your layer will do, so after you have split up your layer you only need a couple of extra steps to create the animation.

With all the layers selected, create an animation for Rotation X property. Then, again using our HUD Toolkit, we can sequence the layer by frames.

The same technique used to set up the logo also works with Text layers

What you will learn

• How to break up a layer in rows and columns

• Manage multiple layers’ animation properties

• Sequence layers inside a composition

• Add custom texture to the logo for an interesting look


• After Effects CS6 (and above)

• Utility-Box Script

Show me your results and tell me what you think in the comments!