Project Description

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What you will learn

• Create 3D Camera for Tracked Footage

• Advanced Compositing Techniques

• Creating Particles, embers and smoke


• After Effects CS6 (and above)

• Trapcode Particular (for Part 2)

‘Evening ladies and gentlemen, I’d like to welcome you to my newest After Effects Tutorial.
This one will be a little bit different than my other ones, being my first attempt at Visual Effects. Up until this point, I’ve dealt with motion graphics exclusively.

I’ve been wanting to try out some visual effects for a while now, and I finally got this idea of creating a demonic portal tutorial. Now this proved to be a lot harder than I originally thought it would be.
When it comes to motion graphics you don’t really have any constraints, which is why I chose it as my first field of design in the first place. However, for visual effects, not only you are constrained by general “realism”, you are also bound to the footage you are working with.

Some other difficulties in achieving a realistic effect only in After Effects were the inside walls of the hole. Any experienced After Effects user can tell that it’s just a plane with Fractal Noise applied to it.
Now usually to achieve this effect you would need to go inside a 3D software like Cinema 4D, and actually create the geometry for the wall and the erosion and overall animation. Then you would use the render and composite it inside After Effects.

Everything shown in the tutorial can be summed up to a 2.5D version of what the effect is intended to be. Maybe in the future I’ll go full blown 3D with it and see how we can achieve this look in Cinema 4D (so be on the look out for that)

Show me your results and tell me what you think in the comments!