Project Description

Download the project files, including assets and sound design.

Feel free to use this project as you want!


I got this idea a while back about using a textured sphere to create an energy field.

Now in the past, I would use Cinema 4D pre-renders to get my final look. This means i would have to go back and forth between AE and C4D to make any adjustment.

Thankfully, the same technique works with Element 3D. Now I can make the adjustment directly inside After Effects.

Basically this technique is mapping a fractal noise texture on a sphere, and adding color and glow until it looks like energy!

Also in this tutorial i go over how you can set up a nice Logo Render with Element 3D.

The same technique used to set up the logo also works with Text layers

What you will learn

• Set up your logo using Element 3D

• Advanced Color Correction

• Generate a field of energy using Element 3D


• After Effects CS6 (and above)

• Element 3D (v1.62 and above)

Show me your results and tell me what you think in the comments!