Project Description

Download the project files, including assets and sound design.

Feel free to use this project as you want!


The first part of a 3 part-series tutorial where I show you how to create an Epic Fire Dragon Intro from start to finish.

This part includes the modelling part. We will later use this model to generate flames, particles and render it out.

There are many ways to go about modelling this dragon. The method I use in this tutorial is called polygonal modelling.

I’m also implementing some sculpting methods to help shape the object faster.

Key Shortcuts that I use in the video :

N~G – Preview wireframe

N~B – Preview mesh + wireframe

M~I – Magnet Tool

M~B – Brush Tool

1 – Point mode (custom shortcut)

2 – Edge mode (custom shortcut)

3 – Polygon mode (custom shortcut)

4- Object mode (custom shortcut)

What you will learn

• Polygonal Modelling

• Different methods to speed up modelling

• Sculpting with magnet and brush tool


• Cinema 4D R16 (and above)

Show me your results and tell me what you think in the comments!