Project Description

Download the project files, including assets and sound design.

Feel free to use this project as you want!


Sure, there are quite a few tutorial out there on creating explosions or fire with particular ( and i’ll probably make a few more of those myself 😉 ).

It’s explosions! Boom! It’s interesting! I’ll never get tired of seeing a nicely done explosion.

This tutorial covers a particular kind of explosion, an explosion or burst, rather, of flames.

We start off by creating a black and white mask that we will use to drive where our particles appear.

Then, we set up a custom sprite particle, using a short flames simulation animation that i’ve created with the help of TurbulenceFDinside Cinema 4D ( see this tutorial about TFD ).

By changing the black and white mask we originally had we can now control the size and shape of the explosion!

What you will learn

• Create a custom mask to drive particles in Particular

• Set up a custom sprite in Particular

• Add glow and color correction effects to achieve a realistic look


• After Effects CS5 (and above)

• Trapcode Particular

Show me your results and tell me what you think in the comments!