Project Description

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Getting fire or fluid simulations to act the way you want can be a little tricky to say the least. This one tutorial will not be enough for you to master fire, but it might make you a little more comfortable with TurbulenceFD.

The most important parameters that you have to edit in TFD are Turbulence tab. Turbulence intensity, smallest and largest size values, are probably the most deciding factors in your simulations (aside from voxel size ofcourse).

There’s no easy way around it, this is all trial and error until you get the right look that you want. You set a low voxel size for your test simulations, edit the Turbulence parameters until you find the right movement, then crank voxel size up and make the final simulation.

Another thing that can be overlooked is the Sub-Grid Detail in the Rendering tab. By enabling Cache Velocity in the Container tab, you can then increase the Velocity Displacement amount in the Sub-Grid Detail values.

What you will learn

• Create simulations with TurbulenceFD in Cinema 4D

• Pre-compose the fire pass inside After Effects


• Cinema 4D r16

• TurbulenceFD

Show me your results and tell me what you think in the comments!