Project Description

Ocean Logo Reveal

Template provided by Benji

This is a recreation of one of my earliest templates. I tried to create a nice and refreshing reveal that featured two parts: above and under water.

I’m the kind of person that feels a strong sense of admiration for nature, so I tried to make a scene that carried a natural feel.

The ocean view was created through Cinema4D by using Infinite Ocean, a plug-in which you can purchase here. The underwater scene consists of lights and the ocean floor, both of which were created using Cinema4D, and then carried through to After Effects as pre-renders.

One of the more difficult parts in creating this project were the bubbles. They were created with Trapcode Particular inside After Effects. After I set up the overall placement of the particles, I’ve set up a custom sprite for them.

This custom sprite is a simple bubble image I’ve found, and added some masks for shadows and highlights.¬†Adding extra details on the bubble texture really made a difference in the final look.

Inside the template, you can find two placeholders. One above the ocean and one underwater, both of which can be customized to carry media or text.


Software & Tools :

  • After Effects CS5 (and above)
  • No plug-ins!

Thank you for taking an interest in this template, and I hope you find it useful. If you’re interested in more projects you can visit my portfolio