Project Description

Download the project files, including assets and sound design.

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Very rarely do you see these days some awesome,memorable titles in the latest hollywood blockbuster movies. It seems that most movie/trailer producers want to opt for simple, clean title designs. Where’s the fun in that, really?

It was a very well received and pleasant surprise to see that some trailers actually want to have some personality attached to their titles. In fact i was so impressed by the titles in Suicide Squad that i went ahead, opened After Effects and gave it a shot myself.

The overall result i think it’s pretty similar. While not perfect, and definitely could be better, you can achieve an interesting look by following these steps as shown in the tutorial.

What you will learn

• Generate clouds with Particular

• Create random shapes with particular

• Animate text in Element 3D

• Final Color correction and compositing techniques


• After Effects CS5 (and above)

• Element 3D (v1.62 and above)

•  Trapcode Particular

Show me your results and tell me what you think in the comments!