Project Description

Utility Box


How To Install Utility-Box

In After Effects, go to Edit -> Preferences -> General, make sure “Allow Scripts to write Files..” option is checked. Now you can run the script by going to File -> Scripts -> Run Script.

To run this script as a Dockable Panel, you have to place the .jsx file in your After Effects root directory -> Support Files -> Scripts -> Scripts UI Panels

If it isn’t working, be sure you set the language for After Effects to ENGLISH.


Utility-Box is an After Effects Script I created that contains many different functions and utilites.

Use this script when working with multiple layers, creating interesting shapes, splitting up layers in individual pieces, adding expressions to properties and many other features.

After finding myself doing some tasks (cloning layers in arrays, splitting layers etc) over and over, I had an idea to create this ONE little handy script that contains all of these functions.

Now I can just dock this little window somewhere on the left screen, and then access whatever function I need through one click

Free for any kind of use

This script is completely free for all commercial and personal purposes. I created this script to help me in my own projects, and that mission is now complete.

So why not share with you all? It would mean a lot more if more people can find it handy and useful.

The only thing i would ask in return is for you to spread the word and get others on board. I’m sure it could save up some cash in the long run, by not having to get certain scripts or plug-ins that are covered by Utility Box


Future versions

Of course, over time, i am gonna add more functions and utilities as i encounter other challenges with my projects. This is just the beginning, folks!