After Effects

Demonic Portal Tutorial

Summon demons right in your living room! Create a demonic portal using only After Effects.

Magic Snow Tutorial

Learn how you can use Trapcode Particular to generate this magical snow scene

Butterfly Rig Tutorial

Learn how to create an advanced rig that you can use for butterflies, or even birds.

Molten Lava Tutorial

Use Fractal Noise in After Effects to create a Molten Lava Texture!

Freezing Ice Transition Tutorial

Learn how you can turn any logo, image or text in Ice inside After Effects with native effects!

Glowing Neon Trails Tutorial

Learn how to create awesome glowing neon trails in After Effects using Particular.

High Tech Intro

Create a professional Intro using Utility-Box. Use Particle World to create particles!

Hexagon Grid

Learn how to create a hexagon tile and repeat it over using Utility-Box!

Burning Effect

Create a nice burning transition that can reveal your text or your logo.

Circular HUD Tutorial

Use expression and advanced methods to create awesome HUDs!

Horror Intro

Learn how to create an atmospheric Horror Intro with Particle World

Blood Splatter

Use Particular to create a cool Blood Splatter effect in After Effects

Particular Space Scene

Use Particular to generate Nebulas and space elements to populate an awesome space sequence.

High Tech HUD Frames

Learn how to create different HUD futuristic elements and a frame for images and videos.

Bats Reveal

Generate a swarm of bats that turn into your text or logo.

Epic 3D Titles

Create advanced 3D titles in After Effects without plug-ins.

Fire Dragon Intro – Part 3

In this final part we take a look at compositing our passes that we've prepared.

Particle Swirls

Create an intricate Particle Swirls formation using Light Emitters

Futuristic HUD Wave

Create an intricate Futuristic HUD Wave. Learn to work with clones

Energy Field

Create an amazing energy field with Element 3D inside After Effects

Clean Flip Intro

Learn to how split a layer in different columns and animate them

Split Text Transition

Cut any layer into any amount of pieces at any angle, and then animate them

Energy Trails Intro

Use a single strand composition to create an intricate energy ball effect

Fire Explosion with Particular

Use Particular to generate a custom Fire Explosion look

HUD Interface Design

Learn how to create interesting shapes and create a User Interface HUD element

Colorful Magic Trails

Create magic trails using Particular and Optical Flares

Suicide Squad Titles Recreation

Recreate the title design as seen in the latest Suicide Squad Trailer

Advanced Sci-Fi Grid

Create an advanced grid using After Effects native effects