magic trails after effects tutorial

Particular Magic Trails – After Effects Tutorial

Learn how to create some interesting trail effects with Particular. In this tutorial i go over how you can set up a Light inside After Effects and have it orbit around an object ( in this case our text ). Then we can use this light as an emitter for our particles. The next step will be to set up …

demonic portal after effects tutorial

Demonic Portal – After Effects Tutorial

Everything shown in the tutorial can be summed up to a 2.5D version of what the effect is intended to be. Maybe in the future I’ll go full blown 3D with it and see how we can achieve this look in Cinema 4D (so be on the look out for that)

particle swirls after effects tutorial

Particle Swirls – After Effects Tutorial (Particular)

This tutorial started out when my friend MZY showed me a preview of a project he was working on using Trapcode Particular. His result is a bit different from mine, so hopefully he will make a tutorial about achieving that particular effect, regardless this idea came alive from his work, so definitely check out his portfolio :). In short, in …

particular burn tutorial after effects

Particular Burn Effect – After Effects Tutorial

Grab your coffee bois and girls and let’s dive in a new After Effects Tutorial. Additionally, we use a turbulent displace effect to give it a little extra detail (make sure this turbulent displace effect is placed above of the displacement map effect).

particular nebula tutorial

Space Nebula – After Effects Tutorial

It’s fairly easy to create a nice space scene using Trapcode Particular. You just need to use blue and violet, and place your shit on a nice dark gradient background, and add small particles to play the “stars” role. Now mostly anything abstract that comes out of it will fit into a space sequence. With that being said, in the …