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  1. Awesome dude, I felt really bad not seeing this before.

    Have to say, Ur work and scripts are awesome.

    You have given your project files for free and scripts too.

    Can I use them ??

  2. Butterfly project
    Followed the instructions to a “T” and this is an awesome tutorial, by the way, but even with the *-1 value added to my flap slider, that right wing does not flap though it bends fine. I’ve gone back through all the steps and re-entered the values several times only to get the same result. Thanks for the tutorial. Can someone please help?

  3. Hi you are so good explaining every ting on your tutorial
    the only thing you don’t show or saying the short cut key’s
    i got lost when you rotate the butterfly i try every thing i couldn’t rotate it
    that will help me
    thanks you are great

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