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  1. Thanks for your Tutorials, it’s really helpful.
    I am using After Effect CC and I am getting 3 Error message when I open your File(Magic_Trails.aep).
    a) This project must be converted to version 10.0(windows 64). The original file will be unchanged.
    b) The project contains 2 missing effects – (1) Optical Flares and (2) Particular.
    c) This project uses fonts that is not available on this computer.
    Kindly guide me or help me to solve this issue, eagerly waiting for you reply.


  2. I’m from Mexico, and I don’t know how to express my thankfulness for your video, your tutorial and your project, you are so gentile and kidness. Thank you so much, inclusive I like your voice and your accent. Saludos!

  3. How do I open the Download Project Files to my Mac. I can never open the Windows extractor. Thank you for doing these projects, and allowing us download them.

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